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Click the Edit button above to get started. This sample is exclusively for KidsKonnect members! To download this worksheet, click the button below to signup for free it only takes a minute and you'll be brought right back to this page to start the download! Dinosaurs roamed the Earth over million years ago and were the dominant terrestrial vertebrate for million years. Birds are the closest relative to a dinosaur that we have. Below are some interesting facts about dinosaurs. This bundle includes 11 ready-to-use dinosaur worksheets that are perfect for students to learn about these ancient animals that lived on the Earth over million years ago.

Students will read and write about the different eras, their diet, vegetation, how they became extinct and much more!

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Dinosaur Timeline Using their own research, students will research different dinosaurs and identify which era they fall into. Draw Your Own Dinosaur Students will become Paleoart Masters and try to reconstruct what their chosen dinosaur looks like by researching it and drawing a picture. Carnivore vs Herbivore In this worksheet, the student will work through the list of dinosaurs to identify whether they were a meat eating carnivore, or a plant eating herbivore.

Dinosaur Criss Cross Using the dinosaur keywords listed, students will complete the criss-cross squares by writing the correct word in each. Fill in the Blanks This activity will have the student completing the dinosaur fact sheet by filling in the blanks to complete the sentence. Some Dinosaurs Fly The goal of this worksheet is to research the Pterodactyl, the flying dinosaur, and complete the information sheet about them.

Mammals During Mesozoic Era Students will learn about mammals during the age of dinosaurs the Mesozoic Era and answer questions about them to test understanding. Vegetation in Mesozoic Era In this activity students will work through the reading comprehension on vegetation and them color in the dinosaur coloring page.

Dinosaur Extinction This worksheet will explain why scientists believe dinosaurs went extinct and the student will draw each of the events in the provided boxes. Descendants of Dinosaurs This writing prompt will ask the student to explore the living descendants of dinosaurs on Earth. Do we have any alive now?

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Children's Miscellany. Dominique Enright. Enrique Fiesta. Smilodon: Saber-toothed Tiger.

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History in a Hurry: Ancient Egypt. John Farman.

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  5. What's the Buzz? Merrie-Ellen Wilcox. You'd expect old, old things like prehistoric reptiles to be very appealing to old, old things like parents, but mostly it seems to be young, young things who like them best. Written by Michael Crichton, it first came out in It wasn't written for kids. Some concerned people believe that the film is not for kids either because of its excessive violence. The book has a serious side to it as well as being gripping. Although it is science fiction - that is, not true at all - it is based on something that some physical scientists consider theoretically possible but other scientists call impossible : that humans might be able to make living clones of extinct creatures.

    It's an aspect of what is called genetic engineering. And Crichton is pointing out, through his novel, that playing around cleverly with biology in this way could be very dangerous indeed. Everything we know - or think we know - about dinosaurs comes from fossilized bones or even footprints, remains in rocks that were once buried deep but now are closer to the surface of the earth. Imagine footprints that millions and millions of years old!

    Some are large enough for a small child to sit in. Some are thought to show where and how a mother dinosaur and her baby went for a walk. Some scientists have decided that dinosaurs - and they were both very large and surprisingly small - were quick mov ing and lively. Scientists used to think they were slow and cumbersome. Paleontologists have been studying dinosaur remains for only about years. New dinosaur remains keep being discovered and uncovered.

    Previously unknown kinds of dinosaurs are all the time being pieced together and given names. The first one ever to be named was the Megalosaurus which means "giant reptile" , in , by Willam Buckland, the professor of geology at Oxford University, England. He worked out what he thought this prehistoric creature must have been like from a small collection of bones found in a nearby village - a jawbone with long teeth, some limb bones, ribs, and vertebrae: That's all. Michael Benton. The book is clear and has an informative introduction. It also has an A-to-Z list of more than dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, good clear pictures, and longish descriptions of each animal.

    Maps show where particular dinosaur remains have been found in the world. Diagrams show how big or little a dinosaur would be compared with a man; when it lived; and when and by whom its remains were first discovered. The book also explains what each dinosaur's name means: Massospondylus, for example, means "massive vertebra. As the hero-scientist of the book "Jurassic Park," Alan Grant, thinks aloud, we know "so little about dinosaurs After years of research and excavation all around the world" we still know "almost nothing about what the dinosaurs had really been like.

    It has been suggested that the character and ideas of Grant a fictional person were based on two real paleontologists.


    One, Robert Bakker, has challenged a number of longstanding theories about dinosaurs. He believes they were probably rather brightly colored, because their eyes could probably see color, and because birds, which are their descendants, are often very colorful. What is intriguing is that when people like Crichton and Spielberg come along and make fictional stories and films about dinosaurs, they try to base their fiction on the facts that most appeal to them. The same goes for the modelmakers who specialize in dinosaur models.