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This book is written in an easy to understand format and includes pictures to further readers understanding. Nestor has a series of different Smarter Bet Guides. This book is small enough for you to carry around and refer back to. You can use the charts and strategies on the go to improve your game. The authors of this book made this an easy to understand and follow guide that has the math involved explained so easily that anyone could understand it.

This book is not a dice controlling guide, like many other craps books.

Craps Strategy CASINOS HATE THIS ( Fast Money )

They start with basic information about the game. They then give you a simplified look at the layout of the game. They teach you about right and wrong bets, odds, and other various topics relating to craps.

Get the Edge at Craps was written by Sharpshooter, was published in , and has a foreword by Frank Scoblete. This book is all about dice control and how Sharpshooter uses it to win.


This book includes some mathematical calculations and with those and disciplined practice you can get as good as Sharpshooter at dice control to win the game of craps. This book is for players that already has a good understanding of the game and have practiced playing it before.

This book is all fact, and rids players of any misconceptions they have about the game.

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It has loads of knowledge all put together to answer any questions you have about the game. It also has fun trivia, lingo, and is set of in a quiz format that tests your knowledge and teaches you everything you need to know. Forever Craps was written by Frank Scoblete and published in This book is a life story of Scoblete and tells about his life from his Brooklyn childhood, to his title of Captain of Craps. This is an entertaining book that gives you background on a famous gambling professional and teaches you about craps along the way.

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The Craps Underground was written by Frank Scoblete and published in The title says it all for this book. No Nonsense Craps was written by Richard Orlyn and published in This book is all about putting to rest table charting, dice control, point counting and other popular craps methods.

It gives a straightforward look at the two-dice probability theory, betting, and money management skills to win the game. With this book, Edell teaches you how to change your whole lifestyle. Recommended online casinos.

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Joined: Aug 15, Threads: 56 Posts: January 9th, at PM permalink. I have mentioned before, back in the 90's, there was a group of older gentlemen who played craps all day at Binions and the then taken over Mint.

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I assume at the time they were actually making a living doing this or at least, earning a small supplement to their SS checks. It must be related to discipline but I don't know which wagers etc.. Most of them seemed to be on the pass line with single or double odds despite X being on offer. It wasn't a hobby, all of them were serious, no emotions shown. Joined: May 14, Threads: 62 Posts: Live Dealer Casinos.

IAmA guy who makes his living exclusively playing craps. AMAA : IAmA

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